Sid Meier's Civilization VII Multiplayer

Sid Meier's Civilization VII Multiplayer



Know a Civ discord server not listed here? Have one of your own Civ servers? Use the "CONTACT ME" tab to request a review.

See a server listed here that you're in?

Do me a solid and share the site in there to remind everyone that their server is being promoted here.  But mainly so more people can play more multiplayer together.



Modding Help Servers

Modding Resource Library
An incomplete compilation of various modding resources, for both Civ V and Civ VI.

Civ V Modding Helpline
The premier place to go for modding help for Civ V.

Civ VI Modding Helpline
The premier place to go for modding help for Civ VI.

Civ VI Modding District
A secondary place to go for modding help for Civ VI.

Civ Battle Royale Servers

Civ Battle Royale
Civ Battle Royale is a Civ V-based community devoted to hosting large-scale civ-based battle royales - where AI opponents are pitted against one another to determine a winner.

Civ AI Games
Civ AI Games is an off-shoot of the CBR above that hosts smaller-scale royales and AI competitions. Anyone looking to host there own battle royale should consider joining there.

Civ AI Tournament
The Civ AI Tournament is another battle royale-style server but observers take a more active role in choosing representative civs to compete on their behalf.

Role-Playing Servers

CivHybridGames is a Role-playing community that does things that are even mysterious to me.

Democraciv is another Role-playing community in which games of civ are played in interactive, democratic fashion.

Special Interest Servers

Overlooked Civ Project
The Overlooked Civ Project is a community-based server devoted to creating custom civilizations that have yet been made. Anyone with an interest in obscure or overlooked civilizations and a willingness to turn that interest into a mod should join and ask for a channel to call their own.

Fire Emblem Civ V Modders
The Fire Emblem server is devoted to developing mods based on the Fire Emblem franchise.

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